About us

We boost economic opportunities in disadvantaged communities

Who we are!

ECLAT Development Foundation, popularly known as (ECLAT) is a nongovernmental Organisation (NGO). The organisation was duly registered as an NGO in Tanzania in the year 2016 but began its operation in the year 2014 as group of volunteers. The organisation is headquartered in Emboreet Simanjiro. Over the past years, the organization has established itself and contributed effectively in the area of educational infrastructure development, women empowerment, water, sanitation and health. The strength of the organisation is drawn from its work methodology research, community engagement, networking and capacity building in four key programmatic areas.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision To have the society with well improved sustainable and well-maintained life standard in the area of education, women empowerment, water and health. Our Mission is To enhance the capacity of Tanzanians to participate in the improvement of their living standards through promotion of equal access to quality education, health, water and sanitation and women development through “learning by doing” principle

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Our Strategic Objectives

To improve service delivery and living conditions of communities through women empowerment, educational infrastructure improvement, health and access to clean water.

To improve wellbeing of communities through access to safe drinking water, sanitation facilities and basic health and hygiene education.

To boost economic opportunities in disadvantaged communities through skills development, livelihood opportunities and access to start-up capital.

To improve delivery of educational services in primary and secondary schools.