Our Projects

Since 2014, ECLAT has mobilized more than 14b of foreign donors towards implementing fourteen (42) projects. Most of the projects are related to schools and vocational centre infrastructure development, surface water filtration and women empowerment programs. The following are some of the projects:

Project Title: Emboreet Secondary School -Emboreet Simanjiro

Period: October 2015 to October 2021

Donor: Upendo society -Germany

Budget: 3b

Brief: The project constructed all infrastructure for Emboreet Secondary school which includes 13 staff houses,9 dormitories, a dining hall,12 classrooms, 40 toilets and bathrooms, 3 science labs, etc. The schools host more than 800 boarding students

Project Title: Simanjiro Vocational Training Center

Period: October 2018 phase one, October 2020 phase two

Donor: Upendo

Budget: 1.4b

Brief: The project involved renovation and construction of Simannjiro vocational training centre in Emboreet Village. Trades completed and running are Masonry, joinery and welding and fabrication. More than 60 students have been enrolled for studies which takes 2 years.

Project Title: Surface water filtration.

Period: October 2016, 2021

Donor: PAULA,upendo

Budget: 600m

Brief: The project aimed to clean surface water for rural communities in three villages Sukuro,Narakauo and Naiti. Total of 12,000 people are benefiting from these projects

Project Title: Primary schools’ construction

Period: 2014-2022

Donor: upendo

Budget: 8b

Brief: This project renovates or construct new public school all over the country. The total number of schools constructed to date is 35. The program enabled more than 11,200 to have access to conducive study environment.

Project Title: Women Empowerment

Period: 2016-2022

Donor: upendo Budget: 600m

Brief: The project targets empowerment of women in the rural communities in the areas of economic emancipation and livelihoods development. This is mainly done through community mobilization, periodic trainings and regular mentoring of women groups.

Project Title: Capacity development program

Period: 2018-2022

Donor: upendo Budget: 100m

Brief: The project sets to capacity build the various sections of the community served by ECLAT. These include training of Vocational training center students in the apprenticeship program, women development and institutional development.

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